I regularly take Concerta 27 mg. I leave my prescriptions in my car to remind myself to take it. My sister totaled her car and took mine to her work. I decided not to worry about it, but realized I needed my medicine to study (I have bad ADD). I found my old prescription of Adderal (5mg) and took two. I figured that since I take 27mg of Concerta than 10 mg of Adderal had to be similar. The prescription was from 2006 so I really did not think it would even work anymore. I also figured that I really needed to take 2 incase one would not help me.
I do not know if it worked or not because I can never tell whether my pills work in general. I do not get ‘high’ off of my pills. My pills just help me pay attention when people talk to me, study, and find my things. I can just tell when it knocks off because they make me exhausted. My pharmacist told me that time release makes people exhausted when they wear off and that it is okay to take another if I needed to concentrate. Therefore, i see no problem in taking two in one day if the one knocks off.
My job is now under new management and I took a drug test today not realizing that I am prescribed to amphethamines. I told the lady that the prescriptions I take may set off the test, but she told me that a doctor will call me if they are concerned. Since I had my Concerta this morning, I took the prescribed dosage. Then, I took the test.
My question is, will the Concerta and the Adderal be detected on the employee drug test? If so, should I tell the doctor the truth, that I needed my medicine but my sister had my car. Therefore, I took an old prescription? I have the pill bottles for both. The adderal still has one 5mg left in it. Both prescriptions are in my name.
Will the doctor care to understand my situation, or should I lie about something? Will he meet with me so I can show him or will he just call my doctors? Like I said, the adderal was prescribed in 2006, but I was desperate and took my old prescription in order to concentrate on studying for a $200 test (the GRE). Will he try to get in touch with my doctor from 2006? Or will he just think I am abusing drugs. They are my prescriptions… I can take them at my discretion if I am not getting ‘high’ right?
Hope someone can help me!
I also took sudafed, zantac, and ibuprofen. Will these set the test off as well?
Lastly, I had Lamictal, Singulair, Seroquel, and Maxalt MLT in my system as well.
Well, I guess I have to lie about the truth. It sucks that they won’t understand my problem. I should take better precaution and have my medicine glued to my hip at all times…
My mom said I can demand another test? In a nice way, of course… since I have a lot of things in my system that can produce false positives. I did research… I have: sudafed, concerta, bennadryl, sinus excerdin, ibuprofen, zantac, ibuprofen, and midol… all which produce false positives of some sort.

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