for the past several years i have battled a disease called acid reflux disorder,this heart burn condition has caused me to lose my job and i have also lost my marriage.i cannot work anymore because of the constant agony and burning in my throat and chest about to lose my house because i cannot work anymore.i tolerated my acid reflux disease for years without treating it,one day i just could not take it anymore so i drove to a local walmart and bought 50 tablets of heartburn medicine called zantac.immediatly after buying the zantac i went into the walmart bathroom and swallowed all 50 tablets of zantac with some walmart water.i felt alright at first so i decided to shop a little bit.i was in the electronic department when all of a sudden i collapsed and hit my head on the head hit the floor so hard that my right eye became completely caved in there was blood all over me.why did walmart sell me such a dangerous lethal product,why didnt walmart stop me from taking zantac

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